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Hitmyheart 6 years ago
I would off kept deepthroating until he nutted again, swallowed every thing than waited 40 minutes and did it again. Fr
TooFresh 6 years ago
My GF does this all the time lol omg that shit is the best/worst shit ever lmao
HSF 6 years ago
She pulled it out and looked at it............thats when she took his soul
MongoSlade 5 years ago
A winner
Queen B 6 years ago
Black Dicks are the best
Yoo 5 years ago
Who is she ??
6ft6tall 5 years ago
She has a 6 min. compilation clip on another site. I couldn't find enough tissue. LOL
Name 6 years ago
Whats her name
Duh 5 years ago
Y'all do know this a man right?!?
Lol 5 years ago
He sound like Ballout